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Helping hand for you business

Drafting is very complex as well as crucial thing for any organisation, many organisations are facing problems in the drafting of well mannered documents and agreements. If you also face the same kind of problem and wants to get your documents and agreements drafted in a legal manner. We can help you in drafting of various agreements, HR Policy and much more.

1. Drafting various kinds of business agreements for the clients.
2. Vetting of business agreement & advising appropriate changes.
3. Providing interpretation advice on various agreements.
4. Agreement management, negotiations, & Renewal services.
5. Managing IPR of the Companies.

6. Providing Legal Opinion on Corporate Law matters.
7. Legal Opinion Labour laws matter, employment issue, Consumer Law etc.

8. Our team of expert lawyer who have experience of working with top law firms in the India. Helps you in case your business unit needs any kind of litigation support under corporate laws before judicial courts or before NCLT and other Tribunals.

Drafting & Vetting of Agreements: Service
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