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“Compliance” refers to sticking to the rules.You need to comply with relevant legislation, as well as any internal or external standards. Non Compliance increases your risk of fines, penalties, work stoppages, lawsuits or a shutdown of your business. If you get stuck or facing problems in compliance of various corporate laws or want an expert advice on any compliance issue. We can give you the best solution for your various kinds of requirements. Click below to learn more.

1. Advisory Services on Company Law, Securities Law, FEMA, Income Tax, Competition
2. Compliance Due‐ Diligence
3. Certification of various forms under company laws.
4. Organizing Postal ballot and E‐ballot services and working as scrutinizers for certifying the voting results for AGM.
5. XBRL Tagging as per MCA Taxonomy.
6. Complete support, certifications and assistance in the implementation and compliance of Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirement) Regulations.
7. Closing of non‐operation companies through Easy Exit Scheme.
8. Compounding of various offense under the Companies Act 2013.
9. Condonation of various delayed compliances under the Companies Act 2013.
10. Compounding of offense under the FEMA, 1999.

11. Renewal of License for LO/Branch office of foreign company.
12. Annual filling for LO/Branch office of foreign company.
13. Retainer ship for managing the all compliances of a company as per Companies Act 2013.
14. Merger & Amalgamation approval from OL/RD/Income Tax Authority.
15. Conversion of Private Company into a Public Company or vice versa.
16. Representation, Preparation and Filing of various Petitions, Compounding Applications and Approvals under Companies Act, 2013 before and Representation before NCLT, RD, ROC and MCA.
17. Compliance under RERA as per RERA Act and respective state laws.

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